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Mario Osuna (1976, Mexico City) first ventured into music at the age of fourteen teaching himself Bossa Nova guitar. The combination of Latin rhythms, contemporary harmony, orchestral and Mexican traditional music kicked off his early life as a composer before going on to score films with varying music styles, ensembles, traditional orchestra, and the use of music technology. In 1999, after gaining a degree in Civil Engineering, he moved to London to pursue his true calling studying sound engineering at the Liberty Hall Academy and sound design and music technology at the London Institute. He later enrolled at Westminster College where he was mentored by Amit Sen, pupil of Jerry Goldsmith, in composing and synchronizing music for film and television. His next move was to La Habana, Cuba, where he furthered his studies in composition with Jesus Ortega, a renowned Cuban teacher, guitarist and composer. More recently, he studied under Oscar winner mixer Jaime Baksht in Mexico City. For the last 20 years, Mario Osuna has been composing, doing sound design and mixing music and has worked on over 25 feature films, dozens of shorts, documentaries, dance and theatre, radio, audiobooks, television and advertisements. His studio “The Sonic Mile” is his creative hub. He has worked on national and international films such as “Llamando a un Ángel” (“Calling an Angel”) 2007, distributed by BuenaVista International (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Mexico), “Fecha de Caducidad” (“Expiration Date”) which won the Special Jury Award in The Moscow Film Festival 2012, “El Diario de Luis” ("Luis’ Diary") Tel Aviv 2022, and “Lecciones para Canallas” ("Lessons for Scoundrels"), Mexico, on nationwide commercial release in September 2022. “Jaulas” (“Cages”) 2009 and “Lluvia en los Ojos” (“Rain in the Eyes”) 2013, animated short films, won the “Ariel”, the most prestigious Mexican cinema award. Throughout his career, Osuna has collaborated with many recognized international artists such as Lila Downs and Rita Guerrero, mixers José Luis Crespo, Jaime Baksht and Michelle Couttolenc and actors Damián Alcázar and Jesús Ortega. In addition, Osuna teaches ‘Film scoring’ to musicians and filmmakers in various universities and is passionate about sharing his experience and knowledge of the subject. He is currently writing the first Spanish language book on the topic of Film Music which includes interviews with many of the industry greats. The book is set to be published in 2023.


  • Gustavo Moheno
    Director “Lessons for Scoundrels”

  • “Mario Osuna is the best collaborator you can have working on a film. He is the kind of composer that makes film music an autonomous art. He has a masterly talent to bring musical identity to a story. He never follows the easy path and because of that his work ends up speaking directly to our hearts. I consider [Mario Osuna] to be one of the best music
    composers of Mexico”.
  • Ahcitz Azcona
    Director “The Inevitable Death of the Crab”

  • “All film directors and producers know the importance of a good score for the big screen. Mario Osuna not only has the knowledge and experience, he is also an extremely creative person who is in touch with his emotions. The combination of these qualities make him quite unique”.



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